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by on January 25, 2013

Hello there, I’m Carla Vangrove, and it is nice to meet you. I am a creative writing and English education major in my fifth year here at CSU. I am from Divide, which is a small town near Pikes Peak that is too small to have its own city limits. I grew up hiking and backpacking all around Colorado, and still love doing these things. Right now, I live here in Fort Collins with my fiance, 2 Pomeranians (one 16-year-old, and his 6-year-old son), and a hamster. We plan on getting married this August.

While trying to think of an interesting title to give this post that was memorable but not entirely cheesy, I decided to go the best route I could think of: an unoriginal title, but in another language. My minor, as it so happens, is Japanese.

I chose my minor because I love all things Japan. The food is awesome, their animated shows and manga are beautiful and creative, and the culture as a whole is just fascinating. I especially love the way the language sounds and looks. Some day, when I become proficient enough, I would like to be a translator of Japanese media works into English.

Aside from wanting to translate Japanese media, I want to write novels and teach English. I have not decided yet if I want to do middle or high school, though I am leaning more toward middle school.

As is the case with many English majors, I love reading (mostly fantasy and young adult literature), but am dreadfully slow. It can take me several hours to read 30 pages. The reason for this is that I am dyslexic. The first books I was ever able to read on my own (and I mean really read, not the fake reading I did during class where I stared at the page until the turning of pages cued me to turn the page] were Garfield comic books. In elementary and middle school, if it had not been for comics and manga, I wouldn’t have been able to bring up my reading level quickly enough to keep up in school. I feel that I wouldn’t have had the confidence. This is another reason that I want to teach.

I’m also what many would call a nerd. I grew up playing and collecting Pokemon, and still play the games. I collect and play Magic, and play a variety of video games. On many occasions, I also enjoy watching cartoons.

I look forward to reading everyone’s introduction posts, and getting to know everyone throughout this semester.

brettzanecarla NY waterfall(here’s a silly picture of my fiance [middle], one of our best friends, and me in front of a waterfall wall in New York)


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