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A Word Gone Wrong

by on March 7, 2013
I was perusing facebook the other day and ran across an article called, “A Word Gone Wrong” about the word “retard” and its inappropriate usage.  The article got me thinking about the power of language and how hurtful words can be when used inappropriately.  This campaign against the use of the word fights for inclusion of intellectually disordered people. This article stuck out to me because I want to discuss bullying in my next genre paper.  Name calling is one of the initial and key parts of bullying.  Words are weapons and can truly damage a person.  Children are more sensitive and fragile to the verbal daggers thrown at them by bullies.  Bullying in schools has and will continue to be an issue in schools for years to come, but what can we do in our own classrooms to eliminate bullying?  How do we discipline? Where do we draw the line between joking, horseplay, and actual bullying.  Sometimes the line isn’t so clear.
I personally was bullied in school, but I took it like a champ and tried not to show how hurt I was.  It was difficult for my teachers to understand that the jokes were actually insults.  I remember sitting in my high school math class and getting mocked and name called by a group of boys in the class and the teacher didn’t say or do anything!  As a future teacher, I will not allow name calling, heckling, or making fun of others.  I won’t allow slurs like the word “retard” to be thrown around carelessly.  Respect will be required from all students in all interactions.  Bullying can push a person to desperate and scary low levels of depression.  As a teacher, I will be in a position of authority to make a difference so that students are not being bullied.   

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